Different Types of Golf Rangefinders

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Today, there are two main rangefinder types available that are used to assist golf players on the different golf courses. These include the laser and the GPS rangefinders. The GPS rangefinders are a lot faster as they make use of measurements to the known points associated with the course. These rangefinders only work on the courses that are already mapped out, and you will typically need to pay subscriptions fees monthly, dependent on the service type that you have chosen. In comparison, the laser rangefinders work on a course whether it is mapped or not. These devices take a bit longer to achieve distance measurements. If you want to choose the best golf rangefinder you will need to consider your needs and pick either a laser or GPS version that best suits them.

Laser Rangefinders

To use the laser rangefinders, an object that you would like to determine the distance from where you are standing will need to be in your view. You will need to aim the device at an object that you want to determine the distance from or through a viewport.

Once your target is in sight, you will need to pull the trigger of the rangefinder. This will send a laser-beam to the target. The laser rangefinder will then feature a read-out on the display. If you have failed to lock onto a target that is valid, an error will display which will mean you will need to retake your range.

GPS Range Finders

With the GPS rangefinders, you can load the golf course you plan to play on before you even leave your home from a computer. The majority of the units currently for sale come with monthly subscription services. When you arrive on the golf course turn your GPS rangefinder on, and it will acquire a GPS satellite feed.

Now choose the hole you are about to play and the target. Most of the GPS units will have the distances to the pin embedded. Some of the courses can also feature intermediary distances that are automatically embedded into the GPS mapping of the different courses.

Once you have finished with the chosen hole, most of these devices will shift automatically to the following hole. If you happen to be playing a tournament or scramble that involves not playing the holes in the usual order, you have the option to set the device to manual. This will allow you to select your next target or hole.

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